IRS Tax Debt Help - Wage Garnishments

Are You Being Threatened with Wage Garnishment and Bank Levy’s?

If this happens you will need to act quickly to save your next paycheck or release your frozen bank account funds.

An IRS levy action can freeze the funds in your bank accounts, take the wages from your paycheck, and make your clients hand over the money they owe you from the billings you have sent them.

Before a Wage Garnishment or Bank Levy is issued, the IRS has to send you a demand for payment of the tax liability they say you owe.  Have you been ignoring those nasty letters or afraid to respond back because the tax debt you owe?   If these demands for payment are not satisfied, then the IRS or the State can and will issue a Tax Levy.

First a written notice is issued to your employer.  This notice orders the employer to withhold a specific portion of your salary or wages.  This levy by the IRS to retain a certain amount from the taxpayer’s wage cannot be ignored by your  employer or the employer will incur penalties and other potential liabilities to the government. For a self-employed taxpayer, the IRS or the states can garnish the business’ accounts receivables. For seniors receiving social security benefits, certain portion of said benefits can be withheld.

Both of these can be lifted and you can get your life back.  Contact us for the best way to get wage and bank levy’s lifted in as fast as a week.