IRS Tax Debt Help – Can The IRS Take Your Money?

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Can the IRS Take All My Money?

You know,  I have learned that most of the people that talk to me fall into two broad categories.

The first category are people who are tired of wondering when the IRS is going to lower the boom!  They’ve decided to deal with their Tax Debt Problem before it becomes an even bigger problem. The second
category are the people who waited too long, and they’re in a panic because the IRS has already lowered the boom!

Imagine making your mortgage payment or rent payment, and then the lender calls you to let you know that your check bounced. This happens to people every day in this Country. The first reaction is confusion because they think there is enough money in the account, but that confusion is quickly replaced by fear.  And those fears are well-founded because the IRS has seized all the money in their bank account.  Then, they begin to wonder “what else will the IRS do to me?” The other side of that story is that I often hear is “the IRS has garnished my wages or commissions and now I don’t have the money to pay my mortgage.” This can be even worse with a wage garnishment because it continues and the IRS gets to take a piece out of every paycheck. And believe it or not, they can leave you with as little as $179 per check to live on!

This is why I encourage people to act NOW! I don’t want you to fall into the second group, the people that are in a panic. But you know, even if you do, we can still help. And I promise I’ll never say “I told you so.”

What else is the IRS going to do? Can the IRS take my money without my permission? . . . YES!

About The Author

TK Bradley

tk bradley is a tax relief expert with many years of dealing with the irs and helping taxpayers to understand their rights and to settle their tax debt problems.