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IRS Tax Debt Help – Why You Must File Your Tax Returns

[adsenseyu1] IRS Tax Debt Help IRS Tax Debt Help Most people know the IRS adds penalties and interest to their tax debt. What they don't know is that penalties and interest can be almost 50%. Don't believe me? That's because when you hear "penalties and interest" your mind thinks well how bad can the interest rate be? The interest rate itself isn't that awful although the IRS compounds the interest rate daily at a variable interest rate. BUT, it's the penalties that are brutal. In addition to the…

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Understand, Then Stop IRS Levy Action

  stop irs levy   An IRS levy is a lawful seizure of your property by the IRS to satisfy a tax liability. It generally comes as either a bank levy or wage levy. Knowledge of which sort of levy is in effect is the first step in moving towards releasing it.   STEP #1 -  Take a look at the Notice the IRS has sent.   The IRS sends the following types of notices before they issue a levy.   CP501 – This is a Reminder…

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