IRS Tax Debt Help – New Rules For Filing Unpaid IRS Taxes

New Guidelines For Filing Unpaid IRS Taxes

In 2010, the government changed some of the rules regarding the filing of unpaid IRS taxes. Tax payers who intend to file the longer kind for deductions can’t file until finally February 15th 2011. These who intend to file the shorter fast form are expected to file prior to that date. It is crucial that everybody file by April 15th 2011 for the unpaid taxes of 2010. This new set of deadlines will help expedite the processing of federal earnings taxes.

Unpaid IRS Taxes

It is not uncommon for the tax payer to locate he owes taxes for the previous year. Employers typically do not take out adequate taxes when they procedure their payrolls and folks could accrue unearned interest from savings accounts and investments. All these things are taken in consideration by the IRS agent when it comes to you filing your taxes for the previous year. As lengthy you file your taxes on time and pay what you owe, the government won’t penalize you.

Unpaid taxes from earlier many years that have been not taken care of are a completely distinct story.  If you have accumulated it over prior years, you most likely will be assessed late fees and penalties if you have let it accumulate more than the many years and produced no try to get them paid. It is your responsibility to file each and every year and make payment arrangements with the IRS for any unpaid taxes. Those who owe require to make confident that they contact the IRS and arrange a payment plan prior to they are charged late fees. If you know that you owe a great deal of back taxes then you need to consult with a lawyer prior to filing it.

New Guidelines do not govern old taxes

Some of the new guidelines are to aid these who are filing their taxes for the year 2010. These guidelines do not apply to any previous many years for which you may possibly owe unpaid taxes.  Beneath the new rules you may possibly claim a couple of new deductions or qualify for tax breaks according to the bracket that you are now in. The breaks do not cover any of the prior many years and you may not use them to negotiate forgiveness for any unpaid taxes.


Unpaid taxes can result in critical issues with the Federal Government. If you get an audit, it is best to use a lawyer to make certain that you file your taxes appropriately.  Taxes need not strike a chord of worry in your heart if they are effectively done.  Unpaid taxes can be dealt with in a affordable manner as prolonged as you are armed with professional assistance.

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