IRS Tax Debt Help – Do You Fear Jail Time Because of Back Taxes?

Many people talk to me, fearful that they face the possibility of going to jail because they are behind on their taxes.  I want to put your mind at ease about that. While it is a possibility, jail time is the worst case scenario.  Generally, the IRS only uses that solution against those who deliberately cheat on their taxes. If
you just made an honest mistake, you’re not going to jail. You don’t need to worry about that . . . you’ve got enough to worry about. But, the IRS does have ways to make your life miserable. And here are some of the things that they can do to you:

1. Take a big part of your paycheck (each and every paycheck continuing on until they get paid)
2. Take a part of your Social Security benefit (this also continues as they take from each paycheck)
3. Take your property (your home or your car)
4. Grab the money in your bank account
5. Seize commissions and/or payments that are owed to you from
other people or businesses.

But wait ….. there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You can avoid all of these things if you take action now.

There is one piece of advice that I give to everyone. Deal with the IRS NOW. The longer you put it off, the worse it
gets. Hoping that you’ll fall through the cracks is not a good strategy. The IRS will eventually get around to you. I can tell you from experience they are a lot easier to deal with when you approach them with a plan for working out your tax problems.

The IRS is not personally trying to make your life miserable.  But remember, they are a huge bureaucracy. So, if you have a Revenue Officer assigned to you, his job is to get money from you. His job is not to sit down with you and explore all of the options that are available to you that might solve your problems.  If you don’t have a Revenue Officer assigned to you, then when you call you won’t even be able to get the same person twice. You’ll get different people and different answers to your questions. In all the years that I have been doing this, I cannot remember anyone solving their IRS problems on their own. Even if you owe a lot of money, and you feel like your situation is hopeless, even if you haven’t filed tax returns for years, it only feels that way because you don’t understand the system. Not only don’t you understand their system, you are not even aware of the different options that are available to you. The sooner you face your problem with the IRS, and show them that you want to settle the problem, the easier it will be with you.

About The Author

TK Bradley

tk bradley is a tax relief expert with many years of dealing with the irs and helping taxpayers to understand their rights and to settle their tax debt problems.