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IRS Tax Debt HelpInnocent Spouse Help.  All to often women who are abused physically, verbally or mentally are scarred to confront their husbands about possible problems concerning their tax returns. Even after divorcing, income tax returns that were filed erroneously during the couple’s marriage, can still follow an abused spouse if income was not included or tax was understated on returns filed while the couple were married.

There is a great article here that does an excellent job of explaining the aspects of what is involved when trying to file for an innocent spouse defense.

Can abuse victims qualify for innocent spouse relief from having to pay delinquent income taxes?

The IRS understands that in these types of situations, women may not have the opportunity to evaluate or understand financial matters, particularly income tax returns. In this event, the IRS will grant relief from having to pay for delinquent taxes which were mainly due to the former spouse’s fraudulent behavior.

The IRS will grant innocent spouse relief for unpaid taxes if the income tax return(s) contained a substantial understatement of tax attributable to grossly erroneous items of the other spouse if (a) the spouse seeking relief did not know and had no reason to know of the understatement and (b) it would be unfair to hold the spouse seeking relief liable for the unpaid taxes arising out of the understatement.

There are many ways to get IRS Tax Debt Help. You just need to educate yourself and then move forward.

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