tax debt helpCurrently Non-Collectible Status and what it means.

This is the page that the tax attorneys don’t want you to see.

You’re Broke!!  They can’t get blood from a stone!  You don’t have any money and the IRS cannot get something from you that you do not have.  Simple!

By being broke, the IRS will be forced by law to put you on a Currently Non-Collectible Status.  Broke means just that.  You literally have nothing to your name.  No house or no equity in your house, no savings, no investments and not much money from your employment or retirement.   This is usually good for a year or two and then the IRS may re-evaluate from time to time.  They have ten years and if you remain in CNC for that time, the IRS has to forgive your entire debt amount.  ALL OF IT!!

So if this is really your situation, being declared Currently Non-Collectible is a fantastic option for some people.  If you are getting close to the time that the statute of limitations runs out, your Revenue Officer may get more aggressive and try to get you to sign something.  Please do not be fooled by this.