Wage Garnishment

Are You Being Threatened with Wage Garnishment and Bank Levy’s?

[svpGlobalVideo v=1] If this occurs you will have to act quickly to save your following paycheck or launch your icy savings funds. An IRS levy activity could freeze the funds in your savings account, take the earnings from your payday, and make your customers delegate the money they owe you from the billings you have actually sent them. Prior to a Wage Garnishment or Bank Levy is released, the IRS has to deliver you a need for repayment of the tax liability…

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IRS Tax Debt Help – Can The IRS Take Your Money?

[adsenseyu1] Can the IRS Take All My Money? You know,  I have learned that most of the people that talk to me fall into two broad categories. The first category are people who are tired of wondering when the IRS is going to lower the boom!  They've decided to deal with their Tax Debt Problem before it becomes an even bigger problem. The second category are the people who waited too long, and they're in a panic because the IRS has already lowered…

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IRS Tax Debt Help – Does The IRS Have You Running Scared?

IRS Tax Debt Help!  Are you lying awake at night worrying that the IRS may, at any moment, come swooping in to file wage garnishments  or bank levy's against you, taking everything and making your life miserable?  Do you have years of unfilled tax returns that you simply do not know how to get done? If you need Tax Debt Help then we can help. The problem is, ignoring your IRS tax debt problem is only going to make it  WORSE. …

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